funny to watch and beautiful photographs. More here Read More


Brands and names that might better fit their current image, some are pretty funny if you ask me. More here. Read More


No further comment needed... more here Read More


How big brands to get their name, nice "you knew Pieces". And our name? Green, from the time that the association with nature and the environment wasnot as strong ... green = new, fresh go! Action + boy . more here Read More

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by red bull (again)  watch it Read More

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Afther planking now it's stocking. Read More

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If your brain is steel on the festival of last weekend use the wheel of conceptto do the job on Monday's... Read More

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From Morgan Spurlock (super size me), this time a movie about advertising, branded from top to bottom (transparent) the trailer makes me feel sick about my profession curious. Read More

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"New" Old spice Danger Zone campaign by The Mill... amazing I know... Read More

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I'm a big fan of "uitzendinggemist", watching tv show when I want it. Syzygy lab is attempting to answer the question how we will watch tv in the (nearby) future with there concept GOAB. Read More